What am I Reading

So it has been a while since i have actually sat down at my computer an started writing, a lot of personal stuff has happened in my absence and i didn’t feel much like writing. However i did do a lot of reading.

I have read the entire ‘This Man’ series by Jodi Ellen Malpas so a full book review of this trilogy will be on its way.

I have also read the ‘CrossFire’ series by Sylvia Day so another few book reviews are on their way.

I have also read ‘the Calendar Girl’ series up to June these are written by Audrey Carlan, so again there will be some reviews on their way.

I have started to read the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ seres again by EL Smith. This came about because i watched the movie on NowTv and realised they missed huge chunks of detail out, so i went back to refresh the memory and to get another hit of the sexy Mr Grey before the new movie comes out.

I think its safe to say i have a lot of catching up to do. i can do this.

Book reviews coming soon my beautiful avid readers.


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