Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the world bloggers

Sisterhood 1

First of all i would like to thank Raven and Beez for nominating me for this challenge. It i so nice as a new blogger to be nominated for these challenges.

Raven and Beez’s Questions :- 

1. What is your favorite reading spot?

My favorite reading spot changes depending on my mood, if i want to be alone while i read(usually because i don’t want to be distracted whilst reading an amazing book) i head into my room where i lay on my bed in total silence. However i can usually be round reading anywhere, in the car, on the train and i have even been reading whilst exercising at the gym.

2. How old were you when you realized that you loved books?

I have always grown up around books, my parents made a special effort to immerse both my brother and i into the world of books. Our Christmas and birthday presents always consisted of at least five books each. I have always loved reading, i remember teaching my brother how to read when he was younger, my favorite book was the ‘Three Little Pigs’ , we had two copies and he would read allowed to me and i would follow correcting his mistakes, we must have only been 5 and 3. Books are how i escape from the everyday struggles of life, it relaxes me makes me feel human again.

3. Would you rather learn magic to save the world or some kind of a fighting technique (If so which one)?

I think I would rather learn magic. Possibly the ability to magic things back in time so things can be stopped.

4. Unicorn or Pegasus?


5. Which book made you cry so much that you exhausted your feelings reserve?

The fault in our stars, I cried so hard while reading this book. I finished the book in two days and cried more in those two days that I think I have ever done in two years. 

6. Favorite Marvel hero and favorite Marvel villain?

It has to be Spider-Man, I am obsessed with the guy.

7. Do you read books in one sitting (or in two days) often? Do you like reading in one sitting or in one or two days? Normally, over how many days do you read a book? How many days would you like to read a book in, on a regular basis?

I usually read books on a daily basis during the holidays, however when I am working I usually get through two to three books a week. I wish I could read a lot more while I am working, but I always seem to lose time.

8. How do you dress at home?

I like to dress comfortably, jeans and PJ’s are normally the way I go. 

9. Do your parents read? Which genre? Do they read books you recommend? Do you tell your parents in detail about the books you read and discuss your feeling with them? Do your parents still read out loud to you?

My parents love to read, my dad loves autobiographies and my mum will read anything literally anything. Normally I recommend books to my parents and once they have read them we discuss them.

10. What non-fiction subject would you read a book on? Biology, self help, politics, biography, economics….?

I would read self help books as I feel they have some really good advice, I also don’t mind autobiographies if it is a person I am particularly fond of such as Ian Sommerhalder ❤️ 


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