What am I reading? 

This is one of those books I’ve been looking at for a while and never really got round to reading. However last night I thought why not and I absolutely love it. A full book review will be on its way. 


My Book

So guys, I have been absent for a little bit due to a few things going on, however i finally feel ready to share chapter 1 of my book.

I am putting this out there to get an honest opinion and your thoughts so feel free to comment. This is just one chapter of many that has been written so please read but do not steal.

Thank you so much for reading and giving any feedback.

Chapter 1

Slowly I raise the coffee cup to my lips and take a long satisfying slug, I let a small groan leave my lips.


“ I have waited all day for that “ Nia exclaims.


I take another gulp and swill the delightful taste of pure caffeine around my taste buds.


“That’s better, I’m human again, so Anna, how’s your day been?” Nia asks her friend.


“It’s been good, you know the usual, work, lunch, clients then the best part of my day was when this guy walked into the office, he was so hot … “


“Anna you think everyone is hot” Nia cuts her friend off mid sentence, she has heard this all before, Anna isn’t the type of girl who settles down, she enjoys looking and the odd times, touching, but never the same person twice.


“I do not!” Anna replies angrily, ”If you had seen him you would understand”


Nia smiles at her friend and looks at the world around her through the large window dotted with fingerprints. People are laughing and smiling, she notices a young couple across the street hand in had, deep in conversation. The man smiles at the woman, she smiles back, Nia can see the amount of love they have for each other and sighs.


“Do you ever wonder about falling in love?” Nia asks Anna, she was thinking aloud really but she knew Anna would have an answer.


“No, I don’t love is for stupid people who live their life with their heart on their sleeve, forever crying and being depressed because he didn’t pick out the right chocolates or flowers. It’s better to pick your own and just have fun”


Anna’s reply wasn’t what she expected, but she should have known her happy go lucky friend hated romance. She on the other hand hated the idea of living her life alone. When she was 10 years old she planned her wedding down to the smallest details. She had drawn dress designs, floral arrangements and spent hours in the jewelry store picking out the perfect ring. However as she got older she started to wonder if her perfect wedding and romance fantasy would be just that, a fantasy.


She lowers her cup until it makes a small clink on the table, making her drag her eyes away from the window. She shakes her head and opens her laptop, flexing her fingers and bringing them to the keyboard, she begins to write.


“What are you writing?” Anna asks, Nia flinches, she has had been so wrapped up in her thoughts and fantasy world, she had totally forgotten Anna was there.


“Oh, erm I was just … errr writing my resignation letter”


“Wait you didn’t tell me you had a new job, where is it? What is it? … “ Anna gushes.


“ Woah slow down, I don’t have a new job, but I need to put this letter in before the end of term, if I don’t I cant leave at the end of the year.”


“That’s brave Nia, your leaving your job without another one to go to, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean cant you hold off a while and actually have a job to go to?”


“Anna I need to do this, I cannot live my life stuck in the same routine. I love my job, I love the kids I teach, but I love me too and to stay here in the same job, same life, same routine, it’s not me. I want adventure, I want love and romance, I want my fantasy and its pretty obvious it isn’t coming to find me so I need to go find it, but I cant do that here”.


Nia had thought of this for a long time, but only now felt she had the courage and confidence to pursue it. She longed to travel the world, to meet new people and have a book full of memories. She would take travel and memories any day over a regular income. She smiled at her friend, frown lines etched on her beautiful face.


Anna was 5 ft 6 inches with long blonde hair skimming across her back. She had deep blue eyes, they reminded Nia of the colour the sea turned when the hot sun hit it with its rays. At just 25 years old she had both travelled and set up a career for herself is interion design.


Nia on the other hand was the total opposite of her friend, she was 5 ft 8 with long brown hair and deep muddy brown eyes. At 24 she had never been in love, never travelled, was still a virgin and had carved a path in the world as a teacher.


They where opposite, but somehow they had managed to remain friends through high school and collage. When each went to different universities they kept in touch, they both believed their friendship would last a lifetime.


Nia looked up from her laptop.


“Hey Anna, could you read this for me, I don’t know if I am happy with it yet”




Anna spent a long time reading the few shot lines of the letter, a frown passed over her face.


“Nia, are you sure this is what you want? Have you thought about this? It’s a big step and once you have handed in the letter, that’s it, no going back”


“I’m positive” Nia says with a huge smile on her face.


Two days later Nia finds herself licking the envelope holding her resignation letter and slowly writing ‘Louisa Smith’ on the front in her best handwriting. She makes her way to the principles office and knocks; she waits taking deep breaths to slow down her breathing.


“Come in” says a shrill voice from behind the large oak wooden door.


Nia enters the large room; there is a large wooden desk in the middle. The wood is dark, oak maybe. There is an array of different items littering the desk, a large lamp sits on the right hand side along with piles of paper and books. There is a large window to the right, which overlooks the parking lot and the large football field. To the left of the desk is a coat stand; there hangs one coat and an umbrella.


“Anna would not be happy with this room” she thinks silently as her eyes take in the remainder of the room.


The walls are littered with books. Each wall has its own bookcase, which reaches from floor to ceiling. The books are mainly dark green and black in colour, however there are a few titles Nia recognizes. The back wall holds framed certificates, degrees and Masters all framed in black. A cap and gown hangs from the wall, its dark blue adding to the dark hue of colour this room appears to emit. There are no pictures of family of children; the office looks impersonal, just like the woman behind the desk.


“Hi, Miss Smith, do you have a few moments” Nia says diverting her eyes back to the woman behind the desk.


“Yes of course Nia, come in, take a seat.”


Nia eyes up the letter in her hand ‘can I really do this?’ silent thoughts of backtracking and running back to the sanctuary of her classroom circle around her head.


She brushes away all thoughts of escaping and running away and slowly hands the letter across the big wooden desk.


Miss smith takes the letter and slowly opens it, she spends a long time reading the letter. Nia takes this opportunity to scrutinize the woman in front of her. Miss Smith is in her late fifties; her once blonde hair is now sporting more gray than blonde. Her green eyes remind Nia of a cat she had growing up, there are feint lines starting to appear under her eyes, her crows feet are becoming a more permanent feature. She wears a long skirt and a white blouse, which is buttoned all the way up to the neck. She has a blazer on over her blouse, which matches the colour of her black skirt. Her hair is taken back into a tight bun at the back of her head.


Nia smiles as Miss Smith finally looks up laying her green cat like eyes on Nia.


“Nia, is this for real? Are you joking?’


“No, I’m not, its something I have spent a long time thinking about, I love my job, but I need to be me for a while”


“You do know if I accept this, there is no going back?”


“Yes, I do”


“And there is nothing I can do to make you change your mind, bigger classroom, a pay rise maybe?”


“No Miss Smith, my mind is made up, I want to do this, I want to see what is out there beyond the boundaries of this small city”


“Well then, we will be sad to see you go, but it appears your mind has been made up. When will you be leaving?”


Nia looks away from the face of her principle and looks to the window, was she sure about this? She had come this far, could she really do this? Nia looks back to the face she has come to know well over the last few years, and smiles.


“ As soon as possible” Nia smiles


“ Ok, well technically you only need to give a half terms notice so you can leave in six weeks”


Six weeks! Was she really ready for this? She had to be, there was no going back, in six weeks time she would be free.


“Thank you Miss Smith, I really do mean every word written in the letter, I have really enjoyed my time here and I do love the teachers and students whose paths I have crossed.”


Miss smith rises from her chair; Nia stand up and they shake hands. Nia turns and leaves the room; she closes the door and collapses on a bench positioned outside the door.

“It’s about time “she whispered to herself.

One Perfect Summer – Paige Toon


Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1512 KB

Print Length: 481 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (10 May 2012)


A Dorset summer, a chance meeting, and Joe and Alice, both 18, fall into step as if they have known each other forever. But their idyll is shattered as quickly as it began. Joe leaves without warning; Alice heads off to Cambridge University and slowly picks up the pieces of her broken heart.

Years later, when she catches the attention of gorgeous, gifted, rich boy Lukas, Alice is carried along by his charm, swept up in his ambitious plans for a future together.

Until news of Joe reaches her once more, but he’s out of reach in a way that Alice could never have imagined. Life has moved on, the divide between them is now so great. Surely it is far too late to relive those perfect summer days of long ago?

The Review

I have been looking at this book for a while and never really committed to purchasing it, however when i say it on the iTunes store i decided to try it. I downloaded the sample first and after half an hour i had finished it and was desperate to find out more about Joe and Alice. I purchased the full book and began reading.

We meet Alice first, she is going on holiday to Dorset with her mum, her dad will be joining them at the weekends. She isn’t looking forward to it at first, her best friend was supposed to be joining them but she could make it. (Spoiler). On the first night of their holiday they go to the local pub for a drink and Alice’s mum pushes her in the direction of the young bartender Joe. Joe is 18 years old, has an Emo haircut that is jet black and an eyebrow ring. Instantly they hit it off .

Over the next few days a relationship begins to bloom and they become close friends. Alice learns that Joe does not come alone and is a combined package along with his dog Dyson. Joe rescued him and they are inseparable.

Alice’s parents become concerned at the amount of time she seems to be spending with Joe and not on her studies but she reminds them she was supposed to be joined by her best friend.

Joe and Alice’s relationship soon moves forward and they share a heart racing kiss.

Here comes the twist, Alice discovers that Joe has a past that is dark and terrifying and she is about to become entwined in it. After one traumatic evening Joe disappears.

Alice goes to university and throws herself into her studies, but she cant forget him. She goes searching for him for months after until eventually she has to give up. She works her way through university as a punter, where she meets Lukas a German student studying Physics at Cambridge. She also mets Jessie who she shares a house with and Emily another room mate. She learns to live again but she never forgets joe.

9 years later she sees joe in a movie and she needs answers. By this time she is married to Lukas, she is torn between finding the closure she so desperately needs and being the wife that Lukas needs. Her best friend eventually gets in touch with a TV show and Alice gets a phone call from Joe.

She agrees to meet him and they go back to their roots. Lukas is in Germany at this point and she is supposed to be moving with him but she needs to close this chapter of her life. Or so she thought. She still loves Joe and she is torn, she removes her wedding ring and surrounds herself in the bubble of Joe until Lukas pops it.

She has to make things right with Lukas but cant bare her life without joe. What will she do? Lukas or Joe, she knows she cant have both.

This story is amazing, from page one right to the last full stop i was hooked. the emotional roller coaster you take learning about Joe and heartbreak you feel when Joe disappears and leaves Alice alone, wondering what she did wrong. I read this book in just under 9 hours i was hooked and could bare to put the book down.

You will definitely need plenty of tissues while reading this brilliant piece of writing. The story has so many hidden secrets in it . It is unbelievable how well it was written, i am in the lull after the book now in that i feel like i am cheating if i read another book but i want to continue reading more of Paige Toon’s books, they are amazing.

If the rest of her books are as enthralling as this one, i cannot wait to read more.


I am Writing

Hi Blog world.

It has been a while i know, but i have some exciting news. I am writing my first novel. I have always wanted to write, to see my name on a book in the middle of  WHsmiths of Waterstones and finally i have built up the courage to start it.

It is going to be an erotic novel and is aimed mainly at adult readers, this is purely because i love these types of books (amongst others) and i want to have a stab at writing my own.

It is going to be on the challenging side seeing as i dont have any experience with writing this type of genre, however i am excited to see what happens in the upcoming months.


So i will keep you updated.


Skyler Rose


This Man By Jodi Ellen Malpas


Author : Jodie Ellen Malpas

Format: Paper Back

Print Length: 465 pages

Publisher: Orion (10 Oct. 2013)

Blurb : 

Young interior designer Ava O’Shea has no idea what awaits her at the Manor. A run-of-the-mill consultation with a stodgy country gent seems likely, but what Ava finds instead is Jesse Ward – a devastatingly handsome, utterly confident, pleasure-seeking playboy who knows no boundaries.

Ava doesn’t want to be attracted to this man, and yet she can’t control the overwhelming desire he stirs in her. She knows that her heart will never survive him and her instinct is telling her to run, but Jesse is not willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

The Review

I found this book at random, i hadn’t heard about it or didn’t specifically go looking for it, however once i had read the blurb at the back of the book, i knew i had to purchase it and continue learning about Ava and this mysterious man who will stop at nothing to have her.

Ava is an interior designer and a young one at that, she has had her heart broken by a guy who just keeps sticking around. She has moved in with her best friend Kate and is trying to move on with her life. When we first meet Ava she is running around looking for her car keys so she isn’t late for an appointment with the owner of ‘The Manor’. This ‘Manor’ plays an important role in the book, it is what the majority of the book is based in.

Ava makes her appointment and is met by John the groundskeeper of the Manor, however as you read further into the book i came to realise this man plays a much bigger role in the life of the man who owns this prestigious Manor. Enter Jesse Ward.

Jesse Ward is your average sex god tall dark hair and ripped, oh did i mention he’s also a playboy. He has the nick name of Lord of the Manor which was given to him by his lovely (not so lovely) assistant. Ava is instantly affected by him and it appears he is too.

He spends a good majority of his time after first meeting Ava, following her. This may sound creepy but i wouldn’t mind a handsome, tall, ripped millionaire (possible billionaire) following me around and offering to buy me drinks. Ava resists she is scared to fall in love with him, he’s a client and she has been hired by Jesse to redecorate his ‘hotel’.

It doesn’t click with Ava straight away but she realises she is unable to walk around The Manor by herself and is always chaperoned by someone who works there, either Jesse of John.

Ava eventually gives in to Jesse however this isn’t until after Jesse tries his magic on her by showing her the room he wants to be redecorated and then tries to seduce her. It almost works but reality hits her like a tonne of bricks when there is a knock at the door and Ava is standing in the middle of the room completely naked except for her bra and panties. Ava disappears pretty quickly into the bathroom where she locks herself in and re dresses herself.

When Ava finally admits her feelings for Jesse it is when she is attending the grand opening of another building that she has been the designer of. Jesse asks for  tour and when they reach the penthouse apartment Jesse makes his move. This is where the first graphic sexual encounter takes place. There are quite a few throughout this amazing book and each one is heart stopping and as breathtaking as the previous.

Jesse is petrified he will lose Ava, but what he doesn’t realise is that by trying to keep her with him all the time he is actually pushing her away. Ava is an independent woman who has relied on her own for too long, now a man has come a long and is trying to take over that and provide for her. Can Ava let him? can she rely on him?

This books is tantalising and such an emotional journey, Jesse is a very complex man and Ava might just be the woman to undo his guilt and fear, thats if she sticks around.



I loved every word and page of this book, i love the characters and the slow build to their relationship. The sex scenes are amazing and feel so real. This book really is a book shelf gem.

What am I Reading

So it has been a while since i have actually sat down at my computer an started writing, a lot of personal stuff has happened in my absence and i didn’t feel much like writing. However i did do a lot of reading.

I have read the entire ‘This Man’ series by Jodi Ellen Malpas so a full book review of this trilogy will be on its way.

I have also read the ‘CrossFire’ series by Sylvia Day so another few book reviews are on their way.

I have also read ‘the Calendar Girl’ series up to June these are written by Audrey Carlan, so again there will be some reviews on their way.

I have started to read the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ seres again by EL Smith. This came about because i watched the movie on NowTv and realised they missed huge chunks of detail out, so i went back to refresh the memory and to get another hit of the sexy Mr Grey before the new movie comes out.

I think its safe to say i have a lot of catching up to do. i can do this.

Book reviews coming soon my beautiful avid readers.

What am I reading?

At the moment I am reading “This man” by Jodi Ellen Malpas and it is amazing. It is part of a trilogy and probably not one for the younger readers but I am hooked. Full review coming soon.  


Siblinghood (Sisterhood) of the world bloggers

Sisterhood 1

First of all i would like to thank Raven and Beez for nominating me for this challenge. It i so nice as a new blogger to be nominated for these challenges.

Raven and Beez’s Questions :- 

1. What is your favorite reading spot?

My favorite reading spot changes depending on my mood, if i want to be alone while i read(usually because i don’t want to be distracted whilst reading an amazing book) i head into my room where i lay on my bed in total silence. However i can usually be round reading anywhere, in the car, on the train and i have even been reading whilst exercising at the gym.

2. How old were you when you realized that you loved books?

I have always grown up around books, my parents made a special effort to immerse both my brother and i into the world of books. Our Christmas and birthday presents always consisted of at least five books each. I have always loved reading, i remember teaching my brother how to read when he was younger, my favorite book was the ‘Three Little Pigs’ , we had two copies and he would read allowed to me and i would follow correcting his mistakes, we must have only been 5 and 3. Books are how i escape from the everyday struggles of life, it relaxes me makes me feel human again.

3. Would you rather learn magic to save the world or some kind of a fighting technique (If so which one)?

I think I would rather learn magic. Possibly the ability to magic things back in time so things can be stopped.

4. Unicorn or Pegasus?


5. Which book made you cry so much that you exhausted your feelings reserve?

The fault in our stars, I cried so hard while reading this book. I finished the book in two days and cried more in those two days that I think I have ever done in two years. 

6. Favorite Marvel hero and favorite Marvel villain?

It has to be Spider-Man, I am obsessed with the guy.

7. Do you read books in one sitting (or in two days) often? Do you like reading in one sitting or in one or two days? Normally, over how many days do you read a book? How many days would you like to read a book in, on a regular basis?

I usually read books on a daily basis during the holidays, however when I am working I usually get through two to three books a week. I wish I could read a lot more while I am working, but I always seem to lose time.

8. How do you dress at home?

I like to dress comfortably, jeans and PJ’s are normally the way I go. 

9. Do your parents read? Which genre? Do they read books you recommend? Do you tell your parents in detail about the books you read and discuss your feeling with them? Do your parents still read out loud to you?

My parents love to read, my dad loves autobiographies and my mum will read anything literally anything. Normally I recommend books to my parents and once they have read them we discuss them.

10. What non-fiction subject would you read a book on? Biology, self help, politics, biography, economics….?

I would read self help books as I feel they have some really good advice, I also don’t mind autobiographies if it is a person I am particularly fond of such as Ian Sommerhalder ❤️